Create a focal point to die for

During the autumn season, there is no better time to get your home ready for christmas. Updating your interior is a great way to freshen up your home and give it a brand new look. Or, maybe just give it a little touch up if there isn’t much to be changed. With winter only just around the corner, having a warm home and a focal point that will be sure to turn heads will definitely allow you to relax knowing this christmas will be one to remember, especially for your guests.

How to transform your indoor fireplace

There are certain ways you can transform your indoor fireplace and give it that wow factor. Below are some ideas on how you can revamp your indoor fireplace and bring your home to life.

  1. Wash it down with chic – using a combination of half white latex paint and half water, you can transform your dull, old brick fireplace into a whitewashed, chic, modern fireplace. Giving your indoor fireplace a whitewash can bring your home to life and can give it a more modern, sophisticated touch.

  2. Paint it and make it stand out – With just a lick of paint, your tired, boring, old brick fireplace surround can be completely changed into a neutral, jaw dropping brick surround. The colour grey has become very popular during 2016 and there are many home interior designs that now contain a lot of grey colours.

  3. Get the veneer over here – why not change your dated indoor fireplace completely by installing a stone veneer over the tired brick to give your fireplace a more rustic charm. There are many companies out there that can easily install this for you so if you wanted this indoor fireplace look, you can have it done easily.

  4. New clean screen – you may not think that it would make much difference but, adding a screen to your indoor fireplace or changing one you already have can make a huge difference. Adding or changing a screen can add life to your fireplace and make it look 10 years younger than it actually is.

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