The top 4 indoor fireplaces that you must know about!

If you are looking for an indoor fireplace to complete your home, whether you are creating the ambiance you want, the style you want or whether you just want to upgrade your current indoor fireplace, from thousands to choose from, it can sometimes be a challenging job.

Firstly, upon looking for a fireplace, you must know what style your home is currently in order for the new fireplace to fit in perfectly. Find a fireplace store that you can trust, whether that be an online store fireplaces store or a showroom, so you can start looking at the different styles.

Looking for a fireplace can be tough and time consuming. If you know what you want, great! But if you don’t, here are four styles of indoor fireplaces that I love and that are very popular in the fireplace world.

  1. Indoor Inset Fires – An inset fire is a fireplace that is mainly brought for houses with more character. Inset fires are thought of as more traditional fireplaces but there are certain inset styles that look extremely modern. Inset fires are often everyone’s taste.

  2. Indoor Fireplace Suites – A fireplace suite is perfect for those wanting to create a stunning focal point for your home. An indoor fireplace suite is great for homes that have the room for it and that like the idea of having a fire with a mantle piece too.

  3. Indoor Wall Mounted Fireplaces – Wall mounted indoor fires are a modern alternative to your traditional wood burners. If you are limited to floor space, a wall mounted fire is great as they are designed to hang on the wall meaning they are out of the way.

  4. Indoor electric stoves – Electric Stoves are great for homes that are a little tight for space. If you don’t have the room or facilities for an indoor fireplace, then a stove is the perfect alternative as they can be brought small and can be placed anywhere that is near a plug socket.

There are other indoor fireplaces you could go for, such as, a wood burning fireplace but, if you don’t have the certain specifics that a wood burner would require, the four options listed above are 100% the best alternative to having a wood burner.

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