Transform your home by upgrading your fireplace

There is something nostalgic about indoor fireplaces and the burning of wood. It’s something that can always seem to relax us and serenade us with its crackles and its fearsome glow. But, to enjoy a wood burning fire, it requires a lot of effort and time to get the fire going and to keep it going.

First, you must begin with buying wood or cutting it and then stacking it ready for use. Then you must build the fire with you materials and tools and once the fire has gone out, you have to clean up all the ash that it has left behind. Over time, this can stop being a task and start to become more of a job that you hate!

You need to upgrade

If this is how you live, then upgrading your fire is the perfect way to live an easier life without breaking the bank. An inset indoor fireplace is the perfect fire to replace your existing wood burner because, like the name suggests, it inserts directly into the space.

Easy and clean

Unlike the wood burning fireplace where you would have to create the fire yourself, an inset fireplace is switched on by the push of a button. As an indoor inset fireplace has a screen in front of it, no ash or smoke are let out into the living space which means there is no ash to clean up and most importantly, no one is breathing in any harmful smoke.

An inset fireplace is the perfect solution to creating an easier life for yourself but still enjoying the pleasures of relaxing round a beautiful, glowing fire.

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